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Notification No. 110/2021 [F. No. 275/27/2021-IT(B)] / SO 3815(E)17/09/2021
Notification No. 113/2021 [F. No. 370142/35/2020-TPL-Part 1] / SO 3814(E)17/09/2021
Notification No. 111/2021 [F. No. 370142/40/2021-TPL] / SO 3800(E)16/09/2021
Notification No. 112/2021 [F. No. 370142/39/2021-TPL] / SO 3801(E)16/09/2021
Notification No. 109/2021 [F. No. 370142/27/2021-TPL (Part I)] / GSR 627(E)13/09/2021
Notification No. 107/2021 [F. No. 370149/158/2021-TPL] / SO 3680(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 108/2021 [F. No. 370149/158/2021-TPL] / SO 3681(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 103/2021 [F. No.300196/36/2017-ITA-I] / SO 3659(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 104/2021 [F. No. 370149/158/2021-TPL] / SO 3678(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 105/2021 [F. No. 370149/158/2021-TPL] / GSR 623(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 106/2021 [F. No. 370149/158/2021-TPL] / SO 3679(E)10/09/2021
Notification No. 102 /2021 [F. No. 370142/35/2021–TPL (Part I)07/09/2021
Notification No. 101/2021 [F.No. 370142/35/2021-TPL (Part-I)] / GSR 616(E)06/09/2021
Notification No. 100/2021 [F.No.300196/48/2018-ITA-I] / SO 3615(E)02/09/2021
Notification No. 98/2021 [F. No. 370142/11/2021-TPL] / SO 3595(E)02/09/2021
Notification No. 99/2021 [F. No. 370142/11/2021-TPL] / GSR 612(E)02/09/2021
Notification No. 94/2021 [F.No.IT(A)/01/2020-TPL (Part-I)-(Part- I)31/08/2021
Notification No. 95/2021 [F. No. 370142/36/2021-TPL] / GSR 604(E)31/08/2021
Notification No. 96/2021 [F.No. 370142/31/2021-TPL (Part II)] / SO 3561(E)31/08/2021
Notification No. 97/2021 [F.No. 370142/31/2021-TPL (Part II)] / SO 3562(E)31/08/2021
Notification No. 93/2021 [F.No. 370142/34/2021-TPL(Part III)] / GSR 578(E)18/08/2021
Notification No. 92/2021 [F. No.370142/21/2021-TPL (Part)] / GSR 551(E)10/08/2021
Notification No. 91/2021 [F.No. 370142/33/2021-TPL] / SO 3216 (E)10/08/2021
Notification No. 90/2021 [F. No. 370142/20/2021-TPL] / GSR 545(E)09/08/2021
Notification No. 85/2021 [F. No. 300196/1/2021-ITA-I] / SO 3138(E)04/08/2021
Notification No. 86/2021 [F. No. 300196/11/2020-ITA-I] / SO 3139(E)04/08/2021
Notification No. 87/2021 [F. No. 285/10/2019-IT(Inv.V) CBDT] / SO 3135(E)04/08/2021
Notification No. 88/2021 [ F. No. 285/18/2021-IT(Inv.V) CBDT] / SO 3136(E)04/08/2021
Notification No. 89/2021 [F. No. 285/19/2021-IT(Inv.V) CBDT] / SO 3137(E)04/08/2021
Notification No. 84/2021 [F. No. 370142/13/2021-TPL (Part- 1)] / SO 3114(E)03/08/2021
Notification No. 83/2021 [F. No. 370142/30/2021-TPL] / GSR 514(E)29/07/2021
Notification No. 82/2021 [F. No. 370142/29/2021-TPL] / GSR 509(E)27/07/2021
Notification No. 80/2021 [F. No. 300196/30/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2826(E)14/07/2021
Notification No. 81/2021 [F. No. 300196/40/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2827(E)14/07/2021
Notification No. 79/2021 [F. No. 203/09/2020-ITA-II] / SO 2804(E)12/07/2021
Notification No. 78/2021 [F.No.300196/5/2018-ITA-I] / SO 2774(E)09/07/2021
Notification No. 77/2021 [F. No. 370142/23/2021-TPL] / GSR 472(E)07/07/2021
Notification No. 76/2021 [F. No. 370142/22/2021-TPL] / GSR 470(E)02/07/2021
Notification No. 75/2021 [F.No.IT(A)/01/2020-TPL] / SO 2581(E)25/06/2021
Notification No. 74/2021 [F. No. 370142/35/2020-TPL] / SO 2580(E)25/06/2021
Notification No. 1 of 202122/06/2021
Notification No. 73/2021 [F.No.370142/10/2021-TPL] / SO 2336(E)15/06/2021
Notification No. 72/2021 [F. No.300196/15/2020-ITA-I] / SO 2246(E)09/06/2021
Notification No. 70/2021 [F.No.203/06/2020/ITA-II] / SO 2175(E)08/06/2021
Notification No. 71/2021 [F. No. 370142/19/2021-TPL] / GSR 395(E)08/06/2021
Notification No.69/2021 [F.No. 225/53/2020-ITA.II/] / S.O. 2098(E)31/05/2021
Notification No.68/2021 [F. No.370142/16/2021-TPL] / GSR 338(E)24/05/2021
Notification No.5 of 202124/05/2021
Notification No. 67 /2021 [F. No. 370142/18/2021-TPL] / S.O. 1889(E)17/05/2021
Notification No. 65/2021 [F. No. 370142/15/2021-TPL] / SO 1855(E) 13/05/2021

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30 Sep 21 Payment of disputed amount of tax WITHOUT Additional Payment under Vivad se Vishwas Scheme.
30 Sep 21 Deposit of TDS u/s 194M for August on payments made to resident contractors or professionals greater than 50 lacs pa by individuals/HUF not subject to tax audit.
30 Sep 21 Investment etc. for claiming exemption u/s 54 to 54GB where last date for such compliance falls between 1.4.21 to 29.9.21.
30 Sep 21 Deposit of TDS u/s 194-IA on payment made for purchase of property in August.
30 Sep 21 Application for KYC of Directors who hold DIN on 31.3.21.
30 Sep 21 Filing of application for revocation of cancellation of registration where the due date of filing of application for revocation of cancellation of registration falls between 01.03.2020 to 31.08.2021.
01 Oct 21 Dynamic QR Code must on B2C Invoices for turnover above 500 cr. Penalty to be levied from 1.12.20 if not ready by 1.10.21.
06 Oct 21 Monthly Return by Tax Deductors for May.
06 Oct 21 Monthly Return by e-commerce operators for May.
14 Oct 21 Intimation of appointment of Auditor on completion of 5 years to be given in 15 days of AGM. (Presuming AGM on 30.9.21)
31 Oct 21 Payment of disputed amount of tax without additional payment under Vivad se Vishwas Scheme .
06 Nov 21 Monthly return of Outward Supplies for May. (other than QRMP)
30 Nov 21 Last date to hold AGM for FY 20-21. (Extended from 30 Sep)
30 Nov 21 Statement of foreign remittances by authorized dealers for June quarter.
30 Nov 21 Uploading declarations received in Form. 15G/15H during quarter ending June.
30 Nov 21 Filing of pending GST-3B Returns from July 2017 to April 2021 with reduced late fee under Amnesty scheme.

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