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Notification No. 2/2023 [F. No. 500/PF5/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II-Part(1)] /SO 400(E)25/01/2023
Notification [F.No.203/02/2022/ITA-II] / SO 270(E)16/01/2023
Notification No. 1/202305/01/2023
Notification No. 128/2022 [F. No. 500/PF7/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II] / SO 6103(E)28/12/2022
Notification No. 127/2022[F. No. 285/29/2022-IT(Inv.V)/CBDT] / SO 6066(E)26/12/2022
Notification No. 126/2022 [F. No. 200/8/2022-ITA-I] / SO 5555(E)30/11/2022
Notification No. 125/2022 [F. No. 500/SWF2/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II(Pt.1)] / SO 5345(E)16/11/2022
Notification No.121/2022 [F.No.187/3/2020-ITA-I] / SO 5255(E)14/11/2022
Notification No.122/2022 [F.No.187/3/2020-ITA-I]/ SO 5256(E)14/11/2022
Notification No.123/2022 [F.No.187/3/2020-ITA-I]/ SO 5257(E)14/11/2022
Notification No.124/2022 [F.No.187/3/2020-ITA-I]/ SO 5258(E)14/11/2022
Notification No. 120/2022 [F. No.285/36/2019-IT(Inv.V) CBDT] / SO 5248(E)11/11/2022
Notification No. 119/2022 [F. No. 500/PF4/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II(2)] / SO 5080(E)31/10/2022
Notification No. 118 /2022 [F. No. 203/13/2021-ITA-II] / SO 5070(E)28/10/2022
Notification No. 116/2022 [F. No. 300196/33/2021-ITA-I] / SO 4944(E)19/10/2022
Notification No. 117/2022 [F. No. 300196/33/2022-ITA-I] / SO 4936(E)19/10/2022
Notification No. 115/2022 [F. No. 500/SWF5/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II(Pt.2)] / SO 4893(E) 14/10/2022
Notification No. 114/2022 [F. No. 500/PF3/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II-Part(2)] / SO 4872(E)13/10/2022
Notification No. 113/2022 [F.No. 279/Misc./66/2014-ITJ(Pt.)]/SO 4873(E)13/10/2022
Notification No.112/2022 [F. No. 370142/43/2022-TPL (Part 2)] / GSR 769(E) 07/10/2022
Notification No. 111/2022 [F. No. 370142/32/2022-TPL] / GSR 733(E)20/09/2022
Notification No. 110/2022 [F.No. 370142/41/2022-TPL] / GSR 709(E)19/09/2022
Notification No. 109/2022 [F. No. 370142/ 44/2022-TPL] / GSR 697(E)14/09/2022
Notification No. 108/2022/F. No. 300196/25/2022-ITA-I] / SO 4155(E) 05/09/2022
Notification No. 107/2022 [F. No. 300196/25/2018-ITA-I] / SO 4154(E)05/09/2022
Notification No.106/2022 [F. No. 279/Misc./66/2014-ITJ(Pt.)] / SO 4156(E)02/09/2022
Notification No. 105/2022 [F. No. 370142/38/2022-TPL-Part-I] / GSR 677(E)01/09/2022
Notification No. 103/2022 [F. No. 300196/18/2017-ITA-I (PT.-1)] / SO 4001(E)24/08/2022
Notification No. 102/2022 [F. No. 285/13/2022-IT(Inv.V)/CBDT] / SO 3930(E) 22/08/2022
Notification No. 101/2022 [F.No. 370142/37/2022-TPL] / GSR 647(E)22/08/2022
Notification No. 100/2022 [F. No. 370142/35/2022-TPL] / GSR 636(E)18/08/2022
Notification No. 99/2022 [F. No. 370142/9/2022-TPL Part (2)] / SO 3878(E)17/08/2022
Notification No. 96/2022 [F.No. 370142/34/2022-TPL] / GSR 632(E)17/08/2022
Notification No. 97/2022 [F. No. 500/PF2/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II-Part(3)] / SO 3867(E)17/08/2022
Notification No. 98/2022 [F. No. 370142/33/2022-TPL] GSR 634(E)17/08/2022
Notification No. 95/2022 [F. No. 500/SWF4/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II(Pt.4)] / SO 3828(E)16/08/2022
Notification No. 94/2022 [F. No. 370142/34/2022-TPL] / GSR 622(E) 10/08/2022
Notification No. 93/2022 [F. No. 500/SWF3/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II(Pt.3)] / SO 3707(E)05/08/2022
Notification No. 90 /2022 [F. No. 370142/31/2022-TPL (Part-2)] / SO 3703(E)05/08/2022
Notification No. 91/2022 [F. No. 370142/31/2022-TPL (Part-2) / SO 3704(E)05/08/2022
Notification No. 92/ 2022 [F. No. 370142/31/2022-TPL (Part-2)] / SO 3705(E)05/08/2022
Notification No. 89/2022 [F. No. 370142/26/2019-TPL-Part(1)] / SO 3652(E)03/08/2022
Notification No. 88/2022 [F. No. 300196/19/2017-ITA-I] / SO 3616(E)02/08/2022
Notification No. 87/2022 [F. No. 370142/36/2022-TPL] / GSR 610(E)01/08/2022
Notification No. 5/202229/07/2022
Notification No. 4/202226/07/2022
Notification No. 85/2022 [F. No. 300196/17/2022-ITA-I] / SO 3315(E)21/07/2022
Notification No. 86/2022 [F. No. 500/PF1/S10(23FE)/FT&TR-II] / SO 3324(E)21/07/2022
Notification No. 84/2022 [F. No. 370142/23/2022-TPL] / GSR 528(E)19/07/2022
Notification No. 83/2022 [F. No. 370142/30/2022-TPL] / GSR 537(E)12/07/2022

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07 Feb 23 Payment of TDS/TCS of January. In case of government offices where TDS/TCS is paid by book entry, same shall be paid on the same day on which tax is deducted or collected.
07 Feb 23 Monthly Return of External Commercial Borrowings for January.
10 Feb 23 Monthly Return by Tax Deductors for January.
10 Feb 23 Monthly Return by e-commerce operators for January.
11 Feb 23 Monthly Return of Outward Supplies for January.
13 Feb 23 Optional Upload of B2B invoices, Dr/Cr notes for January under QRMP scheme.
13 Feb 23 Monthly Return by Non-resident taxable person for January.
13 Feb 23 Monthly Return of Input Service Distributor for January.
14 Feb 23 Issue of TDS Certificate u/s 194-IA for TDS deducted in December on Purchase of Property
14 Feb 23 Issue of TDS Certificate for tax deducted u/s 194M on certain payments by individual/HUF in December.
14 Feb 23 Issue of TDS Certificate for tax deducted u/s 194S on Virtual Digital Assets in December.
15 Feb 23 Issue of TDS certificates other than salary for Q3 of FY 2022-23.
15 Feb 23 ESI payment for January.
15 Feb 23 E-Payment of PF for January.
15 Feb 23 Details of Deposit of TDS/TCS of January by book entry by an office of the Government.
20 Feb 23 Monthly Return by persons outside India providing online information and data base access or retrieval services, for January.
20 Feb 23 Summary Return cum Payment of Tax for January by Monthly filers. (other than QRMP).
20 Feb 23 Deposit of GST of January under QRMP scheme.
28 Feb 23 Deposit of TDS u/s 194-IA on payment made for purchase of property in January.
28 Feb 23 Deposit of TDS on certain payments made by individual/HUF u/s 194M for January.
28 Feb 23 Deposit of TDS on Virtual Digital Assets u/s 194S for January.
28 Feb 23 Return by persons with Unique Identification Number (UIN) like embassies etc to get refund under GST for goods and services purchased by them, for January .

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