Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017

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Chapter - I PreliminaryShort title, extent and commencement
Chapter - I PreliminaryDefinitions
Chapter - Ii AdministrationOfficers under this Act.
Chapter - Ii AdministrationAppointment of officers.
Chapter - Ii AdministrationPowers of officers.
Chapter - Ii AdministrationAuthorisation of officers of State tax or Union territory tax as proper officer in certain circumstances
Chapter - Iii Levy And Collection Of TaxScope of supply.
Chapter - Iii Levy And Collection Of TaxTax liability on composite and mixed supplies.
Chapter - Iii Levy And Collection Of TaxLevy and collection.
Chapter - Iii Levy And Collection Of TaxComposition levy.
Chapter - Iii Levy And Collection Of Tax Power to grant exemption from tax.
Chapter - Iv Time And Value Of SupplyTime of supply of goods.
Chapter - Iv Time And Value Of Supply Time of supply of services.
Chapter - Iv Time And Value Of SupplyChange in rate of tax in respect of supply of goods or services.
Chapter - Iv Time And Value Of Supply Value of taxable supply
Chapter - V Input Tax CreditEligibility and conditions for taking input tax credit
Chapter - V Input Tax Credit Apportionment of credit and blocked credits
Chapter - V Input Tax CreditAvailability of credit in special circumstances
Chapter - V Input Tax CreditTaking input tax credit in respect of inputs and capital goods sent for job work.
Chapter - V Input Tax Credit Manner of distribution of credit by Input Service Distributor.

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Due Date Reminder

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
25 Mar 23 Deposit of GST of February under QRMP scheme.
28 Mar 23 Return for February by persons with Unique Identification Number (UIN) like embassies etc to get refund under GST for goods and services purchased by them.
30 Mar 23 Deposit of TDS on payment made for purchase of property in February
30 Mar 23 Deposit of TDS u/s 194M for February
30 Mar 23 Deposit of TDS on Virtual Digital Assets u/s 194S for February.
31 Mar 23 Updation of Nomination details or express opting out in Demat/Trading/Mutual fund accounts to avoid deactivation.
31 Mar 23 Annual Report on Corporate Social Responsibility by Companies to whom CSR is applicable (as an addendum to applicable Form AOC-4 )for FY 21-22.
31 Mar 23 Opt for Composition schme for FY 2023-24. Existing ones are not required to apply again.
31 Mar 23 Online Application for Letter of Undertaking (LUT) for Exports & Supplies to SEZ without payment of tax in 2023-24.
31 Mar 23 Payment of life insurance premium, deposit of PPF etc. for saving tax of FY 22-23.
31 Mar 23 Linking of PAN with Aadhaar with late fee of Rs. 1000.
31 Mar 23 Payment of balance Advance Income Tax by ALL to save interest u/s 234B.
31 Mar 23 Application for registration/provisional registration, intimation, approval/provisional approval of Trusts etc required to be made upto 30.6.21. (extended to 25.11.22 in some cases)
31 Mar 23 Application for conversion of provisional registration to regular or renewal of registration /approval after 5 years of registration /approval of Trust, institution, etc. (which was due on or before 28 February, 2022).

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